Spiderman Rug Spider Man Premium Rectangle Rugs Avengers Web Room Decor Marvel Miles Morales Into The Spider Verse Floor Rug Sale

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Experience the epitome of comfort with luxurious plush velour material, while vibrant, long-lasting colors are ensured through premium heat dye sublimation print. Perfect for any room with its low-profile pile height of 0.4 inches, seamlessly fitting under furniture. Enjoy peace of mind with the high-quality epoxy construction on the underside, providing a secure, non-slip grip and exceptional durability. Effortless maintenance is guaranteed with stain-resistant material, cleaned easily with mild soapy water, and avoiding bleach. For shipping convenience, the rug is vacuum-sealed, though it may take up to 24 hours to lay flat upon opening. Enhance its appearance and expedite the settling process with light vacuuming.

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